Unlimited Time Off


SF Chron article by Douglas MacMillan, a Bloomberg writer, on Unlimited Paid Vacation.

“Pioneers including electronics retailer Best Buy and financial services firm The Motley Fool have learned that giving staffers free rein over their work schedules helps improve productivity.  This notion is at the center of a management philosophy knows as Results-Only Work Environment, in which workers are evaluated on the basis of their output instead of how many hours they clock at the office.  Just 3 percent of US companies have formally adopted the philosophy, according to a new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management.”

First of all, where have I been?  The fact (?) that 3 percent of US companies have adopted this philosophy and it escaped my notice is interesting, as I do alot of reading.

Second, as a Silicon Valley employer competing for talent in the region, it’s important to keep an eye on this.

Finally, for an old-dog employer, this is a stretch, one requiring a little more research and a huge leap of faith!

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