January 28, 2014


Wines of the Week (WOW):

  • 2008 Calafia, Napa Cab
  • 2005 Delgadillo, Napa Cab
  • 2010 Keever, Napa Cab
  • 2010 Emerson Brown, Oakville, Napa Cab
  • 2010 BV Georges De Latour, Napa Cab
  • 2010 Cambiata, Monterey Tannat
  • 2011 Terra Valentine, Napa Cab

Value-Price find, Emerson Brown, around $45.

Oldie but a Goodie, BV George De Latour

Interesting, the Cambiata Tannat, a grape variety that doesn’t get out much, but should.

Dead center of my Cali Wine palette, Keever, Celia Welch the winemaker.

Nose for News:

Jon Bonne’, SF Chronicle Wine Writer and Author, Winemakers to Watch in 2014.  Of note is Mark Adams, of Ledge Vineyards in Paso Robles.  He is the Asst WM at Saxum–on my list of a new wine venture to try in Paso.

Schrader Cellars announced their winter release, taking orders last Tuesday, Jan 18, at 9 AM, the opportunity to spend a minimum of $700 for four bottles of premium 2012 wine–it doesn’t get much better than these wines.  And the server promptly crashed, proving that the recession is over!  No fear; Schrader took a mulligan, and was ready for business the next morning, and to my knowledge it went without a hitch, selling out in 24 hours.  Perhaps ACA could consult with Schrader IT people for the healthcare website…

Shakeup at Eberle Wines in Paso Robles.  Always sad to see founders and family members become flotsam in corporate squabbles, especially one so well-regarded as Gary Eberle.


“What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?!”  –WC Fields

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