A CEO Crossfit Regimen


From Wall Street Journal, June 17, 2013.

This guy is 52, the typical age for Crossfit athletes to get hurt with this regimen!

I find it interesting how often “mature” men get into this serious exercise program, only to enrich their orthopedist.

The key to getting the best from Crossfit as an adult male is to resist the temptation to be “trained” by your worst enemies: “The Guy You Used to Be”, and his really nasty cousin, “The Guy You Thought You Were”.

My advice is to think long term, not quick fix.  You actually may accomplish a quick fix, but only if you think long term.

Full disclosure, my son and two friends opened a CrossFit Studio this year.  He has tried to help me learn how to exercise and get healthy in new ways, and I’m actually liking it, though taking it in baby steps.

My constant drumbeat to Taylor’s enthusiasm to help me, “Remember, I’m not 35 anymore.  The body doesn’t bounce back like it used to.  The object here is health, not injury.”

I endorse this program, and wish I’d leaned about the principles earlier in life–but I subscribe to the philosophy of never too late.  Just take is slow, and as the cliché goes, listen to your body.

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