Matt Ridley: Cooling Down the Fears of Climate Change, Wall Street Journal


From December 19, 2012 Wall Street Journal article.  My favorite excerpt:

The big question is this: Will the lead authors of the relevant chapter of the forthcoming IPCC scientific report acknowledge that the best observational evidence no longer supports the IPCC’s existing 2 degrees C - 4.5 degrees C “likely” range for climate sensitivity?  Unfortunately, this seems unlikely–given the organization’s record of replacing evidence-based policy-making with policy-based evidence-making, as well as the reluctance of academic scientists to accept that what they have been maintaining for many years is wrong.

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  1. Jon 01/08/2013, 9:49 pm:

    2012 was the hottest year on record in the US, continuing a trend:

    The article appears to confuse cloud cover and water vapor. It would be stronger if a climate scientist or two were found to agree with the investment manager quoted.


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