Study: Another Reason for Daily Wine, by James Hamblin


From the Atlantic Magazine, May 2013.

Key Points:

The full study, “Soda and Other Beverages and the Risk of Kidney Stones” is published in Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Kidney stones are a painful and expensive medical problem.  This is a eight-year study involving data from 194,095 patients.

The results: Things associated with decreased risk of stones: caffeinated coffee (33 percent decreased risk), decaffeinated coffee (16 percent), tea (11 percent), red wine (31 percent), white wine (33 percent), beer (41 percent), and orange juice (12 percent).

I love the final conclusion: Meanwhile for healthy people the healthiest diet seems to involve at least seven glasses of wine per week.

Between caffeinated coffee, and my daily wine consumption, no kidney stones dare tread near!


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