Wine Without Food, Laurie Daniel


Laurie’s latest article has pegged me pretty much the way I have come to view myself–an unsophisticated rube, who cares more for the wine in his glass than the food on the plate, much less the combination of the two.

Her latest article from SJMN, April 27, 2011,

Laurie cites information from Wine Opinions, a California based research firm, indicating that 60 percent of the wine consumed by avid US wine drinkers does not accompany a meal.  Horrors!

To further establish my whorish wine credentials, I believe a good Napa cab goes with everything, …or nothing.

Laurie’s palette and sense of taste are much more refined than are mine, which is why I always look forward to her writing.  She finishes her article,

“While I was a little dismayed when I first heard about this research–all those columns about pairing wine with food apparently are falling on deaf ears–I’ve come to believe that it’s actually a sign that the United States is developing its own wine culture.  And that’s a good thing.”

I say, please don’t be disappointed in us Laurie.  We love wine, and love your writing about it.

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